Daisy Grenade

DAISY GRENADE is a power punk bubble grunge band that serves a bitter punch with a lip-glossed kiss on the side. Made up of two sharp yet afflicted young women, they use femininityas a weapon and, with a bit of sugar to help the medicine go down, they bring you through thepains of being a girl today which is quite frankly, a grotesque, nightmarish, and dark experience.Due to their vast theatrical background, not only are they story tellers but they can sing theirfaces off in a way that’s unexpectedly striking.With Pete Wentz (as in THE emo prince of ourgeneration) as a mentor and Executive Producer on their first two EPs, they turned theirglittering angst into sickeningly catchy, morbidly worded bubblegrunge bops that are drippingout of a saccharineshell.Now, they’ve joined forces with Public Consumption / DCD2 Recordsto re-release an extended version of their sophomore EP, CULT CLASSIC, with two new songsproduced by Courtney Ballard.